Data center in the Helsinki Ring of Industry – how cool is that!

Cool climate, reliable power grid, direct cable connections abroad and land to build on – the Helsinki Ring of Industry has everything needed for a large data centre. Data Centre Risk Index rates Finland as the safest location in the EU and the fourth safest globally. The Finnish society is very predictable, the overall technical infrastructure is in excellent condition, and the country is extremely safe in both seismic and climate terms. Finland is considered a state of high sustainability and a good supply of qualified workforce.

We keep on connecting people 

Optic submarine cables of the quickest routes and the lowest latencies connect the Helsinki Ring of Industry to the continental European markets. Lots of the network traffic of Europe flows through Southern Finland, so the Helsinki Ring of Industry is a vital data hub between Central European and Asian markets.

The Helsinki Ring of Industry is easily accessible. Helsinki Airport – often named Europe’s fastest and most pleasant – is in the middle of our area and can be reached with only a 15-40-minute ride from all our sites. Helsinki Ring of Industry provides an extensive range of direct routes to Europe, Asia-Pacific, and North America.

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Do we need to say more? The HRI has one the highest quality work forces in the world!

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What is the Helsinki Ring of Industry? 

We are a collaboration of 10 neighbouring municipalities around Helsinki. We are dedicated to making your life conveniently boring since doing business should not be an adventure. It should be as predictable as possible. Your products get shipped to the global markets within a day – every day. 

Besides fast and reliable connections, we offer a government that works for your benefit, a nonexistent corruption level and an infrastructure that functions. For your business, the Helsinki Ring of Industry means a super-talented, cost-effective workforce, and a life without any unnecessary adventures.

Map: Helsinki Ring of Industry is good location nearby European Roads E18, E12, E75 and E18. Travel by car to Helsinki takes about 20 - 45 min, to habour 20 - 40 min and to airport about 20 -50 min.

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