The farmers of Christmas beer in front of the oats field

Brewing green for Christmas

The oldest brewery in the Nordics, Sinebrychoff, has made its traditional Christmas Beer with the same recipe since 1987. The “KOFF Jouluolut” beer is a Vienna-style fresh and tasty dark delicacy lager that goes well with traditional Nordic Christmas food like ham, casseroles, and fish.

The barley for this year’s Christmas beer comes from two farms in Vuolenkoski and Vihti, which use regenerative farming. They have been selected from the contract farmers of maltster Viking Malt – this way can trace the journey of malted barley from the field to the table. In addition to the audit performed by Viking Malt, the Baltic Sea Action Group (BSAG) evaluates the Baltic Sea-friendliness of the farm’s operations. The Vihti farm – Puumala & Nyström – is also part of the Carbon Action farm collective.

Two bottles of Christmas beer in man's hand in front of the oats field

“Regenerative farming is a way of producing food that benefits both farmers and the environment. It improves soil health, boosts carbon sequestration, and supports biodiversity. Carbon farming is part of regenerative farming and can help farmers mitigate climate change. Healthy soils produce good harvests and decrease the need for purchased off-farm inputs for production. This will improve the security of supply throughout society.” Baltic Sea Action Group says on their website. 

Sinebrychoff is the leading manufacturer of beers, ciders, soft drinks, and energy drinks in Finland. They also offer a comprehensive selection of international beers and a wide range of other beverages, e.g., Coca-Cola, through their partners. Sinebrychoff began its brewing operation in 1819 in Helsinki and moved to Kerava in 1992. Sinebrychoff is part of the international Carlsberg Group.

You can read more about the KOFF Jouluolut and its story in Finnish from the website of Sinebrychoff.


Founded in 1819, Sinebrychoff is Finland’s leading manufacturer of beers, ciders, long drinks soft drinks and energy drinks, producing around 300 million liters a year.

The Finnish Karhu and KOFF brands are the most famous and popular beers in Finland, while the growing imported Craft & Specialty selection includes the world’s leading beer brands, as well as Sinebrychoff’s own specialty beers. The Carlsberg, Brooklyn and Kronenbourg brands are also part of the portfolio. Sinebrychoff is owned by the Carlsberg Group.

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