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Cool systems for smart buildings

Heating, cooling, and energy solutions are needed everywhere, from residential buildings to public spaces. Chiller manufactures these systems for, e.g., in hospitals, airports, department stores, and industrial plants. What does the company’s location in Tuusula have to do with keeping its talents? 

CEO of Chiller Pekka Salmi
Pekka Salmi, CEO of Chiller Oy

Scalability and measurability are the starting points for all Chiller’s operations and product development. The company designs and manufactures energy-efficient systems for various types of properties. In addition to the domestic market, Chiller exports worldwide, especially to the Nordic countries and the Baltics. 

Digitalisation has been part of the air conditioning and refrigeration industry for the past 20 years. Chiller has been among the first to implement web-based selection programs and the Internet of Things as part of its service selection. Chiller CEO Pekka Salmi says: “Foresight and management with information is an important tool in the air conditioning and cooling industry today. When, for example, temperature peaks are predicted, the systems adjust to the changing conditions before the customer even notices any difference. This way, we can minimise possible faults and disturbances.”

Main building of Chiller

A competent workforce is the basis of everything

Half of Chiller’s four founders lived in Tuusula, which was naturally chosen as the company’s residence. Although operations have expanded, the head office, product development and factory have remained in Tuusula. 

According to Salmi, the future challenges of the refrigeration industry are related to ensuring a competent workforce. A shortage of experts in the field is worsened by retiring senior-level expertise. You must know how to keep good employees. 

Workers of Chiller

“We have long careers in the house and many Tuusula residents as employees. The competition for good new employees is fierce in the industry, and there is high demand for employees in the capital region. In Tuusula, the open rural landscape offers a pleasant standard of living, and you can go to work without traffic jams. That is a big advantage”, explains Pekka Salmi. “We operate in the capital region market and are adaptive because we are close to everything, and the highways run next door. When we go on business trips, we are at the airport in less than 15 minutes”, Salmi describes.

In addition to the location, Salmi praises the excellent business atmosphere in the municipality of Tuusula. “It is great to stop and think that the know-how produced and refined locally offers modern cooling solutions for demanding locations both in the world and at home.”

Worker of Chiller

The story was originally published in the magazine of Tuusula municipality. You can read it in Finnish here.

Chiller Oy

Chiller’s customer-specific manufacturing operations, combined with expert services and knowledge of Nordic conditions, guarantee that we can offer our customers an optimal solution that is durable, energy-efficient and ecological. Their cooling, heating and energy systems are used in both new and renovated buildings, including hotels, public buildings, offices, shopping centres, industrial facilities and residential buildings. Chiller is part of the Finnish air-conditioning solution provider Koja Group.

Chiller Tuusula
Louhostie 2
04300 Tuusula

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