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Helsinki West, in Nummela, Vihti, is one of the fastest growing and developing airfields in Finland offering a flexible and ambitious environment for companies, investors and aviation hobbyists. The airfield is located only 40km west from the main airport of Helsinki-Vantaa. In addition, the municipality of Vihti is a member of the FUAVE, which is developing unmanned aviation.

“Our goal is to promote the accessibility of Vihti and the capital region on an international level. The airfield offers flying travellers a route to significant destinations in West Uusimaa. From Nummela you will be able to go to Europe soon, either for work or leisure” says Tom Arppe, chairperson of the Nummela Airport Association, on Vihti Business website.

New safety concepts and ground-breaking technologies

Helsinki West is the world’s first airfield, which has autonomous monitoring system to detect intrusions to the runway: CAMARS3 is an automatic airport supervision system developed by Swedish defence and security company Saab AB, its subsidiary Combitech AB and CERTEGO. This increases safety especially during bad weather conditions and night operations. During the spring of 2023, the new runway lighting, IFR procedures and runway intrusion warning system are also being completed, which will increase safety even more.

“CAMAR3 is also a great system for the future. For example, autonomous snow removal equipment, equipment that determines the slipperiness of the runway, and other overhaul equipment can be added without the need for an operator. The system can control all these devices autonomously.” Arppe states in the bellow video.

In addition, Helsinki West has an intelligent system for charging cars and aircraft, as well as a quick charger for Pipistrel aircraft. The system is prioritizing aircraft allowing fast turnarounds. There is also readiness for electric winches for gliders.

“In Nummela, Vihti, we have the opportunities and resources to develop ecological, digital and electronic aviation. Lively aviation activity enables testing the technology in real use after the test phases. We can be a development platform for innovative solutions at small airports.” Says Arppe.

The airports and aviation must change as part of the green transition, and Helsinki West will be on the forefront of this transformation and carbon-neutral travel chain: For example, new logistics chains for goods and passengers, hydrogen technology, unmanned aerial systems, electrical self-sufficiency, automation, and autonomy are the keywords in their vision for the future.

The central location in the Helsinki-Uusimaa region enables the airfield to become a significant part of the entire electric aircraft network. The projects of the Vihti municipality’s sustainable energy and climate action plan also aim to support companies’ measures to reduce their carbon footprint.

Helsinki West

Only 40km west from the main airport of Helsinki-Vantaa, Helsinki West offers a flexible and ambitious environment for companies, investors and aviation hobbyists. In addition, the municipality of Vihti is a member of the FUAVE, which is developing unmanned aviation.

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