HelpMe! – mobile app for foreigners living in Finland

You can get to know the BETA version:

About the project

The student team of Laurea UAS started the project in September by interviewing foreigners living in Finland. The purpose was to find out which things in their everyday life are challenging. The collaboration with Mount St. Joseph University’s Center for IT Engagement (cITe) began when the results were analyzed. cITe has created an easy-to-use chatbot platform which they developed even more during the project. In general, the project provided valuable international experience in cross-cultural cooperation.

The HelpMe! project was implemented by the P2P (Peer to Peer) student group of Laurea University of Applied Sciences. P2P is a business and project management program where economy students do real-life assignments. The development of the application is related to the marketing of the Greater Helsinki area to foreign experts and investors under the Helsinki Ring of Industry bran

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Laurea UAS students made an app for immigrants in Finland

help me

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What is the Helsinki Ring of Industry? 

We are a collaboration of 10 neighbouring municipalities around Helsinki. We are dedicated to making your life conveniently boring since doing business should not be an adventure. It should be as predictable as possible. Your products get shipped to the global markets within a day – every day. 

Besides fast and reliable connections, we offer a government that works for your benefit, a nonexistent corruption level and an infrastructure that functions. For your business, the Helsinki Ring of Industry means a super-talented, cost-effective workforce, and a life without any unnecessary adventures.

Map: Helsinki Ring of Industry is good location nearby European Roads E18, E12, E75 and E18. Travel by car to Helsinki takes about 20 - 45 min, to habour 20 - 40 min and to airport about 20 -50 min.

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