The Helsinki Ring of Industry – logistics hotspot

When transit time matters, the Helsinki Ring of Industry is the place for you. We offer the shortest, fastest and most reliable air and rail connections between Europe and big hubs of Asia – and all that with excellent frequencies. Helsinki Airport is in the middle of the Helsinki Ring of Industry area, only a 15-40-minute ride to the airport and main harbours from all our business sites. Operating from the Helsinki Ring of Industry, you can be in the centre of everything while having space for large warehouses.

HRI Logistics

Connecting the world 

The boom of eCommerce creates a tremendous need for new and efficient logistics centres and technologies. If you are interested in rapidly growing markets of Northern Europe, the Helsinki Ring of Industry is the place to be. Our area is situated in the core of the Finnish main market area of over 1.6 million people, and it is expected to see a 10 % population hike by 2040.  And we are not alone here. With our closest neighbours Sweden, the Baltics and St. Petersburg, our market size is 27 million people – larger than the New York metropolitan area.

The Helsinki Ring of Industry is nicely reachable. Helsinki Airport – often named Europe’s fastest and most pleasant – is in the middle of our area and can be reached with only a 15-40-minute ride from all our sites quickly and conveniently. The Helsinki Ring of Industry provides the shortest and fastest direct routes from Europe to Asia-Pacific. The nearby ports in Vuosaari, Kilpilahti and Hanko are highly specialized and rank among the safest and fastest in the world. 80% of our exports (in tons) go through ports. All three of our principal ports can be reached either by road or train from the Helsinki Ring of Industry.

HRI Logistics

These companies already call us as home – why wouldn't you do that?

What is the Helsinki Ring of Industry? 

We are a collaboration of 10 neighbouring municipalities around Helsinki. We are dedicated to making your life conveniently boring since doing business should not be an adventure. It should be as predictable as possible. Your products get shipped to the global markets within a day – every day. 

Besides fast connections, we offer a government that works for your benefit, a nonexistent corruption level and an infrastructure that works. For your business, the Helsinki Ring of Industry means a super-talented, cost-effective workforce, reliable and fast connections and a life without any unnecessary adventures.

Map: Helsinki Ring of Industry is good location nearby European Roads E18, E12, E75 and E18. Travel by car to Helsinki takes about 20 - 45 min, to habour 20 - 40 min and to airport about 20 -50 min.

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