Trucks of Logitri Oy

Going beyond logistics

“We are a medium-sized logistics operator in Finland. What makes us the best is that we do what we promise and never promise what cannot be done. We discuss and think with the customer how we can plan the services in such a way that they can also be implemented”, says Jarno Hanhinen, CEO of Logitri Oy. 

Jarno Hanhinen, CEO of Logitri Oy

The functionality of the formula is practice-proven: the company, which has been operating for 13 years, has grown steadily, and the annual turnover is now 17 million. Logitri stores and transports goods and offers value-added services to importers of goods, e.g., by adding instructions for use, glueing stickers or packing sales display stands. “Founding the company, we decided to focus on grocery items because those are needed daily. We offer temperature-controlled space for edibles that require a constant temperature. We have over a hundred thousand pallets reserved for it. In addition, we store all kinds of consumer products and electrical items. 

Truck driver of Logitri Oy

We have concentrated our operations in Tuusula. Within half an hour, there is a port and an airport, and warehouses of major stores, which distribute most of all goods on the Finnish domestic market. There are no traffic jams here like on the capital ring roads, and it is a short journey to everywhere. The cooperation with the municipality of Tuusula is excellent, and it has not been long since I participated in a joint recruitment event organized by the municipality. 

We employ about one hundred and fifty workers in our company. In addition, we hire students, sports clubs and those who work elsewhere to earn travel money and additional income with project-based work. Some months there may be more than 200 people at work. We train the employees ourselves if someone has no experience. We are also starting a recruitment training tailored to us by the Hyria Vocational School. We have learned that this is the way to get the best workforce for us.” 

Worker of Logitri Oy walking
Logistics with a green soul 

“Environmental friendliness is a matter of the heart in everything we do. There are more than 3,080 solar panels on the roof of our three halls forming a solar power plant producing 700,000 kWh/year. We are a big electricity user because we must cool the buildings in the summer. More than 15% of all the electricity we use comes from the sun. The rest is compensated clean electricity, so it does not increase our carbon footprint. 

As a matter of principle, energy-efficient solutions have already been made in the buildings. For example, we have LED lighting that works with a motion detector. If there is no movement in the hall, it is always dark. The truck fleet is a lithium-ion-based closed-cycle new battery technology that does not release fumes. Even asphalting the yard is a low-energy solution. It is made from recycled material in a process where the temperature is significantly lower than average asphalt production. Emissions are less than half of normal. 

We have introduced electric trucks. In fact, we had Finland’s first mass-produced electric truck. Similarly, we will soon get Finland’s first electric semi-trailer truck. Electric trucks drive a distribution route of about 200 km in the capital region. A 150-kilowatt charger is under construction in the yard and will be used to charge trucks in shifts. In addition, more than half of all our trucks are LNG-powered gas trucks. All in all, we have been a carbon-neutral company since the beginning of this year.” 

Trucks of Logitri Oy

Logitri Oy

Logitri’s thorough know-how, strict observance of contracts, and open communication create a firm basis for partnership. Their professionals ensure excellent and flexible service and are constantly trained to ensure that you have the best customer knowledge and the newest technology at your service.

Högberginhaara 10
(Högbergintie 5)
04360 Tuusula

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