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Food company Foodiq wants to show by example that it is possible to make changes to the world’s food system with new innovations. The company specializes in producing plant-based dairy products from oats, buckwheat, hemp, fermented broad beans and lentils for various food industry players, including as stores and food brands.

The production processes developed by the company enable the production of plant-based products without additives. While Foodiq does not have its own brand, it offers product development and production services as well as manufacturing technology to other companies in the food industry. Currently, Foodiq serves around 50 customers, producing hundreds of products. In addition to Finland, the products are mainly exported to the Nordic countries and Central Europe.

The future of food sprouts here

Foodiq has been operating in Järvenpää for about a year now. In 2022, the company located in the Wärtsilä district at Paulig’s former Gold & Green Foods factory, where the production facilities and equipment proved to be suitable for Foodiq. Foodiq employs a total of 70 people in Finland, with 55 based in Järvenpää, mainly in production tasks. The workforce represents seven different nationalities. Founded in 2015, Foodiq is owned by its founders Robert Savikko and Jani Uusi-Ristaniemi, the company’s management, and foreign capital investors.

Foodiq actively participates in the food industry growth network organized and led by Business Järvenpää. The company also mentions Business Finland’s Food from Finland cooperation network as an important network for the company. In addition, educational institution cooperation is considered a valuable part of business operations.

“From these networks, we get valuable insights, knowledge, and motivation for our own work. At best, we also find new cooperation patterns with other companies and entrepreneurs in the city. This is the biggest added value of different networks”, says Jari Karlsson, Chief Marketing Officer of Foodiq.

Jari Karlsson

Karlsson is grateful for the cooperation with the city of Järvenpää – the city is actively connected and offers opportunities for cooperation and development. This makes it easier to organize and do everyday things.

The article was originally published on Business Järvenpää website.

Foodiq Oy

Foodiq is a Nordic company whose mission is to create a better future food. The company was founded in 2015 and they have pioneered e.g. in the development of chia-based snack products.

They believe that local production is better for nature and for food system. Instead of building globally serving mega factories, Foodiq focus on building mini-mills to utilize local ingredients and knowledge, improve self sufficiency as well as reducing carbon footprint in food production.

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