Hyria Kruunu campus in center of Hyvinkää

Match­­­­­making for the Logistic Industry

The co-operation between educational institutions and companies is active in the Helsinki Ring of Industry region. When there is a need to train workforce or recruit new employees, educational institutions and municipalities are happy to help. An excellent example is the recently launched Logis project that connects and trains job seekers to fill vacancies in the bustling logistic sector.

Hyria, a vocational educational institution operating in the HRI region, runs the project that involves logistic operators and local cities Hyvinkää, Mäntsälä, Nurmijärvi, Pornainen, Riihimäki and Tuusula. Logis project offers a platform for potential recruits to try out intralogistics work and for companies an opportunity to recruit trained personnel.

Marko Liimatta stand in lobby of Hyria Kruunu campus

“For example, we organize one- or two-day trial periods in partner companies for people interested in the field who have no previous experience of intralogistics work. An employee of the company, together with Hyria’s trainer, familiarizes the potential recruits with the safety practices and different tasks of the workplace. The goal is for people to get excited about the work and go on to study for a degree in logistics, or to be directly employed by the company,” explains Hyria’s trainer Marko Liimatta. The results so far have been encouraging, with enthusiastic students studying for a degree in logistics and motivated recruits finding employment in the logistic companies.  

Hyria is a multidisciplinary educational institution offering vocational education and training to both young and adult students in the HRI region. The range of services includes basic, further and specialist vocational qualifications in 27 different educational sectors. Hyria also provides various tailored training alternatives to its’ corporate and community customers.

The number of students is annually around 10 000, of which approximately 2300 are young students (IVET) and 7700 adult learners. When considering a location for operations, HRI region is very competitive with availability of skilled work force and the continuous training opportunities provided by local educational institutions.

Hyria Kruunu campus in center of Hyvinkää
The Kruunu campus, completed in Hyvinkää in 2021–2022, is a modern learning environment.  


Hyria provides high quality educational services for both young and adult students. The range of services includes basic vocational qualifications, further vocational qualifications and specialist vocational qualifications in 27 different educational sectors. Hyria also provides various training alternatives to corporate and community customers.

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05800 Hyvinkää

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