Mikael Lindberg stands at Pretec's warehouse and holds a metal fastener

Orange is the new tough

Pretec Finland Oy Ab, which specializes in metal parts used in rock reinforcement and the construction industry, was founded in 2013. The family business has a long tradition in the industry, as the father of Mikael and Magnus Lindberg, sold insulation to tunnel construction sites. The Pretec Group contacted the father, who was approaching retirement age, and expressed their interest in opening a unit in Finland, because of which the brothers founded Pretec Finland.

In 2020, the company expanded to a new 2100-square-meter warehouse in Kirkkonummi. “We discovered an ideal plot of land in the Jorvas business district – already flat and perfectly suited for our needs. Given the substantial weight of metal, a solid foundation was crucial. The strategic proximity to Ring Road III enhances the company’s logistical advantages, especially given that the Helsinki metropolitan area stands as Finland’s premier construction hub,” sums up Mikael Lindberg.

Mikael Lindberg stands at Pretec's warehouse and holds a metal fastener
Toward Excellence

While the majority of metal parts are sourced externally, small-scale metal works are also conducted in Kirkkonummi’s production facilities. “Pretec operates production facilities globally. Standard metal rods, for instance, arrive ready-made, and we customize them by cutting and grinding to meet the customer’s specifications,” notes Lindberg. The product range also encompasses rock nets.

Pretec manufactures rock construction products with a surface treatment of zinc and epoxy, endowing them with an impressive lifespan of approximately 100 years. “We collaborate with numerous major construction companies across Finland and have been involved in projects such as the construction of metro tunnels in the capital region. These endeavors require robust and enduring materials, as replacements are challenging to execute afterward. Our ambition is to be the best in our field!”

Pretec’s distinctive orange metal fasteners for rock.
Pretec’s distinctive orange metal fasteners are not only a part of the company’s brand colour but also function as a recognizable hallmark.

The company’s objective is to further broaden its product range and increase turnover. “We are planning to expand our production facilities in the future, enabling us to serve our customers on a larger scale and improve the efficiency of our operations.”

Pretec Finland Oy Ab is a part of the broader Pretec Group, encompassing Pretec AS (Norway), Pretec Ab (Sweden), Pretec Danmark AS (Denmark), Penen J. & Co N.V (Belgium), Pretec Underground Pvt. LTD (India), and Pretec China LTD (China).

Metal rods are standard products that Pretec cut and grind to the model order by the customer.

Pretec Finland Oy Ab

Established in 2013, Pretec Finland Oy Ab specializes in rock support, frost, and waterproofing. Pretec Group operates in Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Belgium. Pretec Group also has its own production factory in China (Pretec China), which was built in 2010.

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