Great Finnish Bake Off

Confectionery pH7 produces colourful and sweet macarons and other delicacies in its production facilities in Tuusula. One can say that the company’s business rises like yeast. What does Toni Rantala, owner of pH7 and judge of the “Koko Suomi leipoo” television baking competition, consider the basis of success?

“I learned to make macarons while studying baking in France. They have been our patisserie’s most popular product since the beginning, i.e. 2007, and today we make about 4,000 daily,” says Toni Rantala. “We do everything by hand from start to finish, without shortcuts, unnecessary vegetable fats or additives. The products will last less time without additives; they are made to be eaten. We have always used domestic raw materials as much as possible. Similarly, product photography and the design and manufacturing of packaging boxes are Finnish.”

In addition to the patisserie, the 2,200 m2 modern and clean production facilities Tuusula have a bakery, kitchen and lunch restaurant. The company’s 60 employees represent 12 different nationalities. “I have always had the philosophy that we try to take good care of the staff. Good workers come to us by word of mouth and find out if we can offer work. This year started badly because of the Covid. I consciously kept the line that I did not lay off anyone, even though it was difficult to pay salaries. I knew that I could not get these people back when the situation changed. Things started to go well in March, and in the end, we are in the positive. Last year’s turnover was five million euros – this year will probably be more than seven.

Adapting to situations and own product development are pH7’s strengths, and location brings agility, too. “It is quick to drive from here to Helsinki, where about 90% of our products go. Transport connections are excellent, and the airport is close. Two hundred fifty customers visit our lunch restaurant every day. Many come from companies in the surrounding area, but customers drive to us also from the capital region.

The “Koko Suomi leipoo” competition, in which I am a judge, is excellent marketing for us. I have been in the program for the last four seasons. Since there are hundreds of thousands of viewers per episode, consumers recognize me – and thus pH7’s products – outside of our region as well. Baking is trendy and on the rise. The program will have such skilled competitors in the coming season that I could hire them anytime.”

Konditoria pH7 Oy

pH7 is following the world’s food trends and working as an innovative pioneer in confectionery and bakery products. The secret to success is an enthusiastic and hard-working team that surpasses itself again and again.

Haarakaari 45
04360 Tuusula

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