Ilvesvuori Business Area in Nurmijärvi

Total size

2.3 ha

Building rights

13 591 k-m2


€85 per k-m2

Information about Ilvesvuori

The Ilvesvuori Business Area comprises two separate plots, offering pre-developed land suitable for office, industrial, and warehouse constructions. Planned zoning changes for the area capitalize on existing transportation and municipal infrastructure.

Situated adjacent to the significant E12, the area boasts excellent transportation links, ensuring easy access and high visibility. Multiple bus routes connect Helsinki and Nurmijärvi city center via Hämeenlinnantie (Regional Road 130), seamlessly integrating with pedestrian and cycling networks.

Nurmijärvi’s reputation for a business-friendly environment, offering diverse plots and services, further enhances the appeal for companies considering investment and expansion opportunities. Ilvesvuori stands as one of Finland’s premier logistic areas, providing modern infrastructure and a readily accessible location, making it an optimal choice for companies contemplating land acquisition and relocation.

Existing enterprises such as Sten & Co Oy Ab, Kimet Oy, Kärcher Oy, DB Schenker, and many others underscore the region’s attractiveness.

Excellent location

  • only 35 min to Helsinki
  • only 25 min to the airport
  • only 35 min to the harbor

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Nurmijärvi is known as a business-friendly municipality

Nurmijärvi offer a variety of business plots and services to both new and existing companies. We aim to have the needs of businesses as a starting point, and companies have the opportunity to influence their operating conditions by joining the process in the planning stage. We also aim to act quickly and flexibly regarding business lots.

Nurmijärvi is located near the Helsinki Metropolitan Region, and its population is growing rapidly. It is a good place for businesses: there are new, attractive business areas and various housing types – without traffic congestion. The municipality’s goal is to offer an excellent living place and develop a sustainable community structure, as well as functional, safe, and good public transport connections.

There are about 19,500 employees in Nurmijärvi. Approximately 64% of them commute to other municipalities. Many people living in Nurmijärvi are interested in changing jobs as soon as an opportunity becomes available in their area. On the other hand, about 5,000 people commute to Nurmijärvi from other municipalities.

Map: The Helsinki Ring of Industry is situated near Helsinki, only 20-40 minutes by car from the city center. The Ilvesvuori Business Area in Nurmijärvi is located on the north side of Helsinki.