Aerial view of Kapuli
Aerial view of Kapuli
Aerial view of Kapuli
Observation image of the Kapuli Business Area.
Aerial view of Kapuli
Aerial view of Kapuli
Aerial view of Kapuli
Observation image of the Kapuli Business Area.

Kapuli Industrial Park in Mäntsälä

Total size

36 ha

Building rights

180 000 m2


€18 per square meter (plot)

Information about Kapuli

Zoning plan work to extend the Industrial Park is underway. It will bring extensive new business plots to the area. Logistics is easy, because Kapuli is located right next to excellent transportation links.

Kapuli is ideal for space-intensive industries, logistics companies and data centres, for example. The site currently includes the logistics center and head office of Tokmanni Group and polyurethane (PIR) boards factory Recticel, the premises of PRP-Plastic, Industrial Water Ltd, logistics center of Masku, and data center Global DC.

State-of-the-art infrastructure, energy and telecommunications solutions can be tailored to your company’s needs. The local operator Nivos offers responsible energy and heating solutions from one place. You get a smart 110 kV electrical network, responsibly produced district heating, and fast and reliable fiber optic connections.

Excellent location 

  • only 50 min to Helsinki
  • only 40 min to the airport
  • only 40 min to the harbor


Read more about the Kapuli Industrial Park on the Mäntsälä Development Agency’s website.

Aerial view of Kapuli

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Are you looking for common-sense solutions and services from a one-stop shop? In Mäntsälä, crucial connections are at your doorstep, and your company has room to grow and develop in the way you want.

Highway 4 is the backbone of goods transport traffic, and Mäntsälä marks the place where it cuts across Route 25, which runs to Hanko, the second most central port in the south. Both Helsinki Airport and Vuosaari Harbor are only 40 minutes away.

Our business plots are competitively priced, and renting is also an option. We handle permits without unnecessary delays, usually within 2-5 weeks of receiving a completed application.

We promise answers within 48 hours, whether it’s energy, water, telecommunications solutions, or municipal expert’s services. We can also help with labour-related issues. Within an hour’s radius of Mäntsälä there are 2 million inhabitants and a workforce of more than 800 000 people, who can commute to work away from congestion.

If you wish, we welcome your whole family to the green, vibrant, and developing Mäntsälä. Many people have chosen Mäntsälä as the hometown in which to raise their families. The municipality has invested heavily in high quality schools and has a varied selection of daycare centres. Housing can be found to suit all tastes and budgets.

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Our strengths

  • Educated employees available
  • Excellent commuting options
  • A single owner for energy, water and site
Map: The Helsinki Ring of Industry is situated near Helsinki, only 20-40 minutes by car from the city center. The Kapuli Industrial Park in Mäntsälä is located on the north side of Helsinki.