Svengi Business Park in Järvenpää

Total size

1.4 ha

Building rights

6 846 k-m2


€77 per k-m2

Information about Svengi

Svengi Business Park in Järvenpää invites you to seize the opportunity to build your business in the heart of growth with an excellent location at the intersection of the main highway (E75) and railroad connections.

There are currently two separate vacant plots: the larger plot spans 13,693 m2 and is situated to the north on the map, while the smaller plot covers 7,404 m2.

Office buildings, non-polluting industrial, production, and warehouse buildings may be built in the block area. Commercial, shop, exhibition, and dining spaces serving the main purpose may be placed in the area up to 10% of the property’s constructed building rights. Grocery stores, large retail units, or any comparable store clusters may not be placed in the area.

There are six business parks in Järvenpää, all of which are located only five kilometers from the city center or motorway connections. Feel free to ask about other investment opportunities!

You can find more info about vacant plots on the website of Business Järvenpää.

Prospects for the future

Transval Group are building one of Finland’s largest warehouses in Svengi Business Park. The first part will be around 35 000 square meters in size and is expected to be ready for use in spring 2025. The building will be heated by geothermal solutions and solar energy will be used to generate electricity. This investment provides all the services of the logistics value chain in a flexible and easy way for your business!

Excellent location 

  • only 30 min to Helsinki
  • only 25 min to the airport
  • only 25 min to the harbor
Svengi Business Park -sign

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Welcome to Järvenpää – the Epicenter of Growth!

Järvenpää, situated in the heart of the Helsinki Ring of Industry, is a city on the rise with a population of over 46,000. Currently, Järvenpää hosts over 3,000 companies, and this number keeps growing: approximately 300 new businesses are established in the city each year. This steady influx of new enterprises underscores the city’s appeal and its strong support for business development.

Järvenpää’s business ecosystem is vibrant and diverse, characterized by six active business districts and a bustling city center. This diversity creates a conducive environment for businesses of all sizes and industries. The city has successfully attracted prominent companies such as Lidl, Mitsubishi Logisnext Europe, Valmet, and more. The local business community contributes to the city’s active lifestyle, providing an array of services, from shops and restaurants to hotels and recreational activities. Additionally, Järvenpää offers many business services designed to assist companies at every stage of their development.

Whether you’re looking for a strategic business hub or a city that offers an exceptional quality of life, Järvenpää delivers on both fronts!

Our strengths

  • Situated in the industry hotspot of Finland
  • 6 Business districts and active city center for local business
  • The intersection for the main highway (E75) and railroad connections


Map: The Helsinki Ring of Industry is situated near Helsinki, only 20-40 minutes by car from the city center. The Svengi Business Park in Järvenpää is located on the north side of Helsinki.