hand on the throttle handle of LEIJONA 1400 Senior Scooter

Free reins

Skand Oy’s electric scooters are ridden all year round. In addition to Nordic seniors, the customer base includes young city dwellers and professional drivers, such as food couriers. Last year, the Nurmijärvi assembly plant completed more than 2,000 vehicles, and sales are growing fast. Why get an electric scooter for Northern climates? 

LEIJONA 1400 Senior Scooter and Skand's CEO Elias Smouni
Stefan Wennström, CXO of Skand Oy, Elias Smouni, CEO of Skand Oy, and LEIJONA 1400 Senior Scooter

Skand’s CEO Elias Smouni answers: “Scooters are well suited for winter. We have covered models, and open models are also suitable for year-round use. Especially for seniors, a three- or four-wheeled scooter is a good winter option because it does not slip, as can happen when walking.  

In general, electric mobility is a trend that is interesting and will become stronger. Electric scooters will replace part of the journeys made by bicycles, cars, or public transport. Gas is expensive, parking is difficult and waiting for the bus is boring. Even with current electricity prices, you can ride an electric scooter around the world for 400 euros. It is a cheap way to get around, which is important when everything else is more expensive. At the same time, reducing emissions is of interest to everyone. 

SCOGO C2 scooter, with graffiti in the background

Even though the company started with senior scooters, there are customers from far and wide. For example, food couriers have adopted the Scogo model, and we are the market leader. Similarly, the electric scooter gives freedom of movement to young people. They can drive to school, friends, and hobbies and are not dependent on public transport, which runs rarely or not at all. 

According to the feedback, the quality of products, service, and genuine care sets us apart from our competitors. We have customer service in each country’s language and always have standardized spare parts in stock. Although electric scooters are virtually maintenance-free, components such as brake pads, tires, or mirrors break or wear out during use. 

Man sits on a roof equipped LEIJONA 1400 Senior Scooter

Final assembly and quality control are done in Nurmijärvi. The location is a logical solution for us – employees can be found here, and it is a short distance to the capital region and the port of Vuosaari. The highway runs almost the entire way from the port to here. 

All in all, electric scooters are environmentally friendly, completely emission-free, inexpensive, and bring freedom of movement. We are doing climate work by replacing journeys made with a combustion engine with electric mobility.” 

hand on the throttle handle of LEIJONA 1400 Senior Scooter

Skand Oy

Skand is one of the largest manufacturers of light electric vehicles in the Nordic region. Skand is committed to improving the everyday lives of its customers – electric transportation is affordable, ecological and pleasantly silent. Skand’s light electric vehicles are always at the forefront of style and technology.

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