The main building of the parent company Europress Group Oy in Kerava, Finland. The operations aim to promote sustainable development, so 1054 solar panels have been installed on the roof of the plant.

Smart waste collectors

Kerava-based Europress is the leading manufacturer of waste compactors in Northern Europe. The history of the company goes back to the 1970s, but the operating methods are anything but old-fashioned.

“We strive to utilise digitalization in everything we do. However, the greatest benefits come from the equipment and services produced by our company, which minimise our customers’ total costs of ownership with the most efficient and advanced digital tools on the market,” summarises Tomi Turunen, Marketing Director at Europress.

“With the right digital tools, information moves faster, and people have to wait less. They can make better decisions with high-quality, real-time information to support their decision-making. For example, the efficiency of maintenance operations improves when the installer can optimize their day along the route, or when procurement can ensure the correct schedule of critical materials with the support of accurate needs calculations. Digitalization also saves time and money in meeting practices, as it is not always necessary to travel to the site. The job satisfaction survey conducted in 2022 revealed that our employees think remote working works very well for us.

We have an extensive international network of partners, with whom we build digital solutions and services together. By utilising our partners, we gain access to an even wider network of experts than we could maintain ourselves. We intend to remain a pioneer in the industry in the future, which is why we are constantly developing our network, so that we can expand our service offering even deeper into value chains,” Turunen continues.

Reference video from Iso Omena shopping centre in Espoo, Finland, where large quantities of waste are generated in the stores every day. Europress’ waste compactors and digital solutions helps for managing the waste flow effectively.

Sunshine for waste compactors and cooperation

14 years ago, Europress moved from Vantaa to Kerava, which currently employs more than 100 people, including production. Europress Group’s operations aim to promote sustainable development, so 1054 solar panels have been installed on the roof of the plant. “The solar panels covering approximately 15% of the company’s electricity consumption. On a practical level, this means 150 solar-powered waste compactors and 43 t less CO2 emissions,” Turunen says.

Europress Group's operations aim to promote sustainable development, so CombiMax SMARTSolar waste compactor are powered by the solar panel.

Last summer, solar power was also piloted as a waste compactor power source in Rinki eco-waste point in Riihimäki. CombiMax SMARTSolar waste compactor was powered all summer by the solar panel until mid-September and there were no malfunctions.

Kerava offers the company a central location in the immediate vicinity of the E75 highway. In addition, Europress have a long-term cooperation with local institution, Finnish Vocational Education and Training provider Keuda.

“We engage in multi-level cooperation with Keuda, the most direct of which is internships offered to students. We have also participated in apprenticeships and company visits. In addition, we are part of Keuda’s working life technology network, which includes industrial companies in the Central Uusimaa region. Together, we go through the news of companies and the labour needs of the area, as well as what kind of things we would like Keuda to focus its teaching on.”

In addition to the Nordic countries, Europress operates in the Benelux countries and Poland, but they also have retail operations outside Europe.

Europress Group Oy

Founded in the 1970s, Europress is the leading manufacturer of waste compactors and balers in northern Europe. The parent company Europress Group Oy operates in Finland and, in addition to being responsible for the Group’s administration and development and growth strategies.

Its subsidiary Europress AB is responsible for the operations in Sweden, and Europress AS in Norway. Opened for business in 2019, Europress Poland and Europress Benelux are the latest subsidiaries of Europress Group.

Huhtimontie 16
04200 Kerava

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