Martinlehto Business Area in Hyvinkää

Total size

40 ha

Building rights

25 100 m2

Information about Martinlehto

Martinlehto Business Area located just 2.5 km southeast of the town center and in immediate proximity to national road 25 (Porvoontie). Bordering Hanko-Mäntsälä road and the main railway line, this expansive area spans approximately 40 hectares, offering ample opportunities for your business ventures.

The area is zoned for industrial, warehouse and office use. The plots are hoose from a range of plot sizes, spanning from 4000 m2 to 17000 m2, with efficiency rates ranging from 0.30 to 0.35, ensuring that your vision aligns perfectly with the space available.

Martinlehto is equipped with municipal infrastructure, ready to support the smooth operation of your business endeavors from day one.

Excellent location

  • only 50 min to Helsinki
  • only 35 min to the airport
  • only 45 min to the harbor

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Welcome to Hyvinkää!

Welcome to Hyvinkää, a dynamic urban gem with approximately 47,000 residents, offering an enriching environment for both individuals and businesses!

At the heart of Southern Finland, Hyvinkää boasts a strategic central location that opens doors to many possibilities across various industries. Hyvinkää has emerged as a hotspot for innovation, especially in the lifting and moving industry. Among the pioneers in this sector, KONE and Konecranes stand tall, driving progress and innovation. Their extensive subcontracting networks create employment opportunities for numerous skilled individuals.

The city’s strategic location, well-connected transport infrastructure, and business-friendly environment make it the perfect hub for companies looking to optimize their supply chain and distribution networks. Because of that, also logistics and trade industries thrive here.

Hyvinkää hosts a state-of-the-art hospital, where over 2,000 healthcare professionals work. For families Hyvinkää offers the option to complete grades 1–6 of comprehensive school in English, thanks to the English Classes of Hyvinkää, and Swedish-speaking families can opt for Svenska skolan i Hyvinge.

Our strengths

  • location and accessibility
  • high-quality space to build and live
  • one-stop contact assists you with all questions related to Hyvinkää


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Map: The Helsinki Ring of Industry is situated near Helsinki, only 20-40 minutes by car from the city center. The Martinlehto Business Area, Sahanmäki industrial area, Antinsaari business district and the Sveitsin Portaali in Hyvinkää are located on the north side of Helsinki.