Hidden treasures for food and beverage manufacturing

In Finland we take it for granted that food is made with high quality and of clean ingredients. The Finnish food and beverage manufacturers have been forerunners in developing pland-based products, and innovating lactose-free, gluten-free and dairy-free products. Finns have a creative mind and we often find unconventional solutions for needs of tomorrow.

Know-how grows from an unconventional attitude and pure nature

Finns have a creative mind, and we often find unconventional solutions for the needs of tomorrow. For example, successful start-ups are creating new plant-based products and exploring the usage of insects in food production. Even grain grows here a bit differently. Short but intensive summer with light nights means high enzyme activity in malting barley used in scotch and beer. The highest quality oats with large grain sizes are used in many food products as an alternative to meat. And even the cold climate works for us – fewer pesticides are needed in cultivation.

Even though the Helsinki Ring of Industry region is located just outside the capital area of Finland, all the treasures of nature are close. As the most forested country in Europe, Finland has unique forest berries and mushrooms, and they are easy to transport even from the North. These treasures are linked to many health benefits as the arctic climate leads to a uniquely high concentration of flavonoids and polyphenols. Besides that, we have great amounts of clean groundwater to use.

All the infrastructure you need to start production or investment in the region is near. In Finland, food and beverage production is highly regulated; otherwise it would not be so respected. The good news is that here the authorities are for you, not the other way around.

The Helsinki Ring of Industry has many success stories and a lot of top-level expertise

The Capital of Finnish Beverages

“Beer production is ecological, to begin with. In 2008, The Finnish Association for Nature Conservation studied which Finnish foodstuffs are the most ecological from the field to the table. Potato, apple, and beer shared first place. We are very proud of our carbon neutrality.”

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An employee packages plant-based puddings

Food System with New Innovations

“From these networks, we get valuable insights, knowledge, and motivation for our own work. At best, we also find new cooperation patterns with other companies and entrepreneurs in the city. This is the biggest added value of different networks.”

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Plant-Based Food Company

Do we need to say more? The HRI is the place to be when developing and introducing innovative and smart products for global markets!

All investment opportunities

What is the Helsinki Ring of Industry? 

We are a collaboration of 10 neighbouring municipalities around Helsinki. We are dedicated to making your life conveniently boring since doing business should not be an adventure. It should be as predictable as possible. Your products get shipped to the global markets within a day – every day. 

Besides fast connections, we offer a government that works for your benefit, a nonexistent corruption level and an infrastructure that functions. For your business, the Helsinki Ring of Industry means a super-talented, cost-effective workforce, reliable and fast connections and a life without any unnecessary adventures.

Map: Helsinki Ring of Industry is good location nearby European Roads E18, E12, E75 and E18. Travel by car to Helsinki takes about 20 - 45 min, to habour 20 - 40 min and to airport about 20 -50 min.

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